What Will Spark CleanSpark Inc (OTCMKTS:CLSK) For a Fresh Leg Higher?

Shares of CleanSpark Inc (OTCMKTS:CLSK) are awfully interesting from an analytic
standpoint at present. The company just released a shareholder update letter
that contains a great deal of color and detail on how management is set to proceed,
and we would recommend checking it out if you’re interested in some extra perspective
on this stock.

According to the release, among
other points, the company noted that “We closed a $5 million round of funding
creating a solid financial foundation for growth in the coming year. This
foundation has allowed us to expand our software team which in turn will allow
us to release updated features to our mPulse and mVSO platforms to customers
earlier than originally expected, more on our software updates is included
below. This renewed financial stability has also allowed us to expand our team
to create a more streamlined operations with a strong focus on revenue
generation. We

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