Marijuana News Today: Pot Stocks Could Have Second Rush in Canada With Edibles

Marijuana News Today

Marijuana News Today

October 17, 2019 is looking to be another big day for pot stocks as Canada sets the date for edibles to be legalized. But the marijuana news today has critics saying the proposed regulations take things too far.

In what has been a common story out of Canada ever since recreational marijuana legalization came into effect, government regulators seem to be overstepping their mandate.

Instead of keeping things safe for pot consumers, governments are pushing consumers to use the black market by making legal products too onerous to use under heavy regulations.

At least that’s part of the criticism coming from pot supporters who have criticized the recent regulation proposals on edibles in Canada.

Edibles are one of the more exciting marijuana products, in my mind, because they offer the most innocuous entry into pot. While many people

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