Meal celebrates what it means to be a chef of Indian descent in a changing South

The celebrated dinner series known as Brown in the South will make Raleigh’s Garland restaurant its next stop, showcasing what it means to be a Southern chef of Indian descent.

The dinner series, organized by the Southern Foodways Alliance, was started a year ago by Asheville chef Meherwan Irani of Chai Pani in Asheville and chef Vish Bhatt of Oxford, Miss. They called on Raleigh’s Cheetie Kumar, Maneet Chauhan of Nashville and Asha Gomez of Atlanta to share interpretations of Indian cuisine created from ingredients and experiences living in the South.

“We thought, how is it all these Indian chefs, who are up and coming and pushing food in a new direction are all cooking in the South?” Irani said in a phone interview. “We’re not in New York, or Los Angeles or San Francisco. This is where we are. Not only are we here, we’re celebrated, successful, accepted.

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