1906 Edibles Aim for Specific Marijuana Effects in Chocolate — and Beyond? | Westword

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Although it might not seem very long ago, Colorado’s retail pot industry was plagued by uneducated consumers and inconsistently dosed products in the early years (and still is, to some extent). Both sides have matured since then, though, in part thanks to companies moving from washing machines to laboratory equipment for cannabis extraction.

While preparing to launch 1906 edibles, Barsoom named the company with a higher reputation in mind: It’s named after the Federal Food and Drugs Act of 1906. The act (essentially a response to Upton Sinclair’s novel about the meatpacking industry, The Jungle) required that food and drugs have more transparent labeling and created the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Learning the process behind pot-infused chocolate is a much more appetizing take on “how the sausage is made” than actual sausage (we’re sure Sinclair would’ve agreed). So Westword took a

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