Mom admits lapse in not taking kids who ate pot-infused chocolate to hospital earlier

A Brandon, Man., mom whose two children were taken to hospital long after eating part of a cannabis-infused chocolate bar says she would have handled the situation differently if she’d known how badly her two-year-old daughter would react.

And while one doctor says he’s surprised by the girl’s physical reaction, another says children should be taken to hospital immediately if a parent thinks they’ve consumed a cannabis edible.

“I would never want it to happen again,” the mother of the two children told CBC News at her home on Tuesday.

The woman, whom CBC News has agreed not to identify because she fears for her safety and that of her children, said she still isn’t sure how her kids got into the chocolate on the morning of Feb. 2.

The single mom said her son, 5, and daughter, 2, woke up around 9 a.m. She said she had woken up earlier, but

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