Legalizing Florida Marijuana Flower Comes Down To Dollars And Sense

Legalizing Florida Marijuana Flower Comes Down to Dollars SensePixabay

The Florida House of Representatives has passed a new bill that would allow the previously outlawed smoking of medical marijuana in the form of pre-rolled filtered cigarettes, representing the evolution of cannabis attitudes and policy.

Florida’s marijuana market

In 2016, Floridians overwhelmingly approved legal medical marijuana use, with 71% of voters in favor of Constitutional Amendment 2. Since then, Florida lawmakers and regulatory bodies have dragged their feet on creating a functioning medical marijuana industry.

It took seven months after legalization in 2016 for the Florida State Senate to adopt regulations. Many advocates and patients were frustrated by the sluggish response and the restrictive regulations. Their primary concerns were the ban on smoking flowers and the requirement for vertically integrated cannabis companies coupled with a cap on the number of dispensaries.

And though medical

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