Cannabis Is Emerging As an Entirely New CPG Category

A benefit of being on the road is the perspective that I gain from speaking to cannabis entrepreneurs from around the globe. Watching brand-new businesses emerge from each wave of legalization is truly exhilarating. Of all the creative, innovation-driven new markets, food + beverage shows by far the most potential for cannabis entreneurs.

We’ve seen remarkable growth in this category since the widespread legalization of hemp-derived CBD in the United States and Canada. As more consumers discover and enjoy the supplement-like benefits of CBD and THC, more are requesting sippable, snackable products.

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The big brands want to party.

Industry giants including MillerCoors, Coca-Cola and InBev have been actively investing in the industry for some time, from research to acquisition of small, successful hemp and cannabis brands. How can independent companies stay in the game?

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