Food Tech News: Cannabis in Beer and Willie Nelson’s Coffee, Viome Acquires Habit

Photo: Cannabiniers.

We’re in the midst of a Snow-pocalypse here in our home base of Seattle. But between fighting the lines at the grocery store to buy milk and getting ready to build our best snow angel, we still rounded up a few of the food tech news stories that stood out to us this week. Best read while sipping hot cocoa or — why not? — hot buttered rum.

Cannabiniers expands cannabis beer distribution to California
Cannabis beverage company Cannabiniers (a combination of “cannabis” and “pioneers”) is rolling out its marijuana-infused beer in California. To make Two Roots Brewing Co.’s cannabiers, the company brews and then de-alcoholizes beers before infusing them with anywhere from 2.5 to 10 milligrams of active THC. The beer comes in wheat, IPA, lager, and blonde varieties. Cannabiniers launched the beer in Nevada in summer

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