9 Cannabis Couples Who Changed the Game

I should start by noting that I’ve been part of a cannabis couple for more than ten years. I met my wife Elise McDonough while we were both working at High Times magazine. She’s now Leafly’s NorCal Product Specialist, author of the recently published Bong Appetit cookbook, and a sought-after expert on the cannabis industry.

I wrote a pot book too, and I co-host a podcast called Great Moments in Weed History w/ Abdullah and Bean.

We both work from home and we both love cannabis, so there’s occasionally a pinner to pair with morning coffee, and we almost always put up the “gone smoking” sign for a bit at 4:20. Getting lifted fuels our most fun, and fruitful, brainstorming sessions. Sharing a sesh also enhances everything from cooking a meal together to

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