Krokodil: The truth about the drug that’s been called ‘the worst in the world’

Get a few household products – such as gasoline and paint thinner – cook them up and, in less than an hour, you get moonshine heroin: krokodil.

The drug gets its name because of the dramatic effects it has on the skin, including scaly skin, sores and infections, and it has recently hit the headlines, with several national newspaper reporting it has hit the UK and calling it a “flesh-rotting drug”.

It has been described as “one of the worst drugs in the UK”, with symptoms sounding like something straight out of a horror film. Time Magazine branded it “the world’s deadliest drug“.

At the moment, krokodil is mainly a problem in Russia due to an increase in price of heroin in the country and, back in 2013, Stacey Dooley made a short documentary on the drug for BBC Three – ‘Cooking Up Crocodile‘.

In the documentary, the journalist

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