This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Feb. 1-7

Quebec Launches Nightmarish PSAs, Horrifies with Futility

Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services decided to make the most of its $1.5-million cannabis-education budget and invested in a series of bizarre, nightmarish, and uninformative cannabis PSAs that will run on TV, radio, online, and in movie theatres. Rather than inform viewers about how to consume cannabis safely and reduce the harms associated with cannabis use, the ads present cartoonish images of people with ears growing out of the tops of their heads, froglike prehensile tongues, and jets of hair emitting from their eyesockets and ears, followed by the tagline, “There’s no way cannabis can do this,” and a warning about actual cannabis risks. The series is capped with the provincial cannabis-education slogan, “It’s not worth the risk.”

Quebec PSA

While eye-catching and hallucinatory in a way

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