Emergency Pet Marijuana Overdose Calls Are Up By 765 Percent, According To The ASPCA

It turns out, dogs are getting stoned. Cats are too, of course — and I’m not just talking about catnip — but it seems to be that dogs with the munchies are really on the rise. While the idea may sound a little silly, the consequences can actually be very serious. There has been a huge increase in emergency calls for pets being poisoned by marijuana, so anyone who both has a pet and enjoys a little THC action should be aware. According to the ASCPA Poison Control Center, a 24-hour hotline, there were only 208 marijuana-related calls in 2008, but by 2016 that number had risen to 979, and, just a year later in 2017, reached 1,486. Last year, there were 1,800 calls — an increase of more than 760 percent in just the past ten years.

Dr. Tina Wismer,

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