21 Mason Jar Meals That’ll Make Meal Prep Way More Manageable

It’s widely known that if you want to score points for presentation on anything, use mason jars. From substituting as soap dispensers to being viable alternatives to flower vases, there’s a rustic charm about those little glass containers that amps up the cuteness of anything that’s in them about tenfold.

Needless to say, the same goes for food. No longer just for jams and preserves, mason jars are actually godsends when it comes to meal prepping. Not only do they give your food a magazine cover-worthy appearance, but they also allow you to pre-portion your eats for the week, are easily microwavable if you need to reheat the contents, and are even oven-safe.

So take a break from Tupperware and prep these 21 mason jar meals. And don’t worry—it’s not just about appearances. The recipes themselves are as tasty as the mason jars make them look.