Why I’m Willing to Look Like a Disneyland Tourist While Running

About a year ago, I decided to take running more seriously. For some, that would mean training for an ultramarathon or finally breaking record time on a mile, but for me, it just meant running for more than five minutes at a time without wanting to die.

Clearly, I’ve never been a natural runner. Sure, I’ve gone through spurts where I’m more into running than usual, but it never sticks, and I wind up falling back to my regularly scheduled programming—the gym. And that’s fine, but gets incredibly boring day in and day out. There are only so many times I can use the elliptical before my body’s like, Seriously? This again?

When I did finally start running more, I knew it’d be a big commitment. I still have flashbacks to high-school soccer tryouts, where the sprints were plentiful, and my oxygen levels were… not. This time around, I worked slowly to

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