Want to learn about cooking with marijuana? Be wary of YouTube, MSU researchers say.


Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands discusses the differences between ingesting and smoking marijuana.
Kathleen Galligan, Detroit Free Press

LANSING – Marijuana-infused cakes, cookies and other edibles are legal in Michigan, but residents will likely have to wait until marijuana becomes available commercially next year to purchase baked goods to get baked.

But for those concocting cannabis cuisine at home, a group of Michigan State University researchers and emergency room physicians is advising a bit of caution. 

If you’re looking at YouTube videos for scientifically-backed baking tips, they say, you’re taking your chances.

“Although few contained inaccurate or dangerous information (e.g., ”you cannot overdose on cannabis”): the majority of videos did not describe the amount or potency of the cannabis ingredient used in cooking,” the researchers wrote in a new research paper published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 


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