Top 8 trends at San Francisco’s Winter Fancy Food Show

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The annual Winter Fancy Food Show, which descends on San Francisco every January, is the largest marketplace devoted to specialty foods and beverages in North America — more than 80,000 items, including thousands of new products.

The trade-industry show, which runs through Jan. 15, is a massive gastronomic spectacle, filling 230,000 square feet of Moscone Center with 1,400 gourmet food purveyors’ teas, salsas, cheeses, chocolates, coffees, pastas and everything else you can imagine.

These purveyors come from around the world in the hopes of catching the eye of registered attendees like Whole Foods or Dean DeLuca, and landing their products in a grocery store or restaurant near you.

We nibbled, sipped, savored and sometimes spit our way through the towering exhibition to find out what’s hot and trending. Here’s what we found.

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