Sainsbury’s Launches Vegan Croissants and Pains Au Chocolat

With vegan baked goods one of the top food trend predictions for 2019, UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is launching into barely chartered waters of flaky buttery pastries.

In a “breaking” post the Instagram page Vegan Food UK noted the supermarket will be selling packs of six of La Boulangère’s croissants or pains au chocolat for £2.50.

“For more than 15 years, Boulangère has been committed to the development of eco-friendly products,” the French website A Vos Assiettes (“On Your Plates”) noted in July.

“A long period of research and development was carried out on these two emblematic Viennese pastry products in order to achieve the right balance of recipes. Recipes based on vegetable oil mainly made of shea butter that allows us to offer 100% vegetable products, without compromising on the pleasure of taste,” Frédérique Fillon-Soullard, head of marketing group of La Boulangère, told A Vos Assiettes.




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