Shopping List: Emerald Cup 2018 Picks for Beginners + Beyond

Make sure you see the dizzying display of every flower entered into the Emerald Cup cannabis competition, and learn the winners on Sunday at 3 p.m. on the Emerald Stage.

Peruse our shopping recommendations featuring newly launched items, rare small-batch products and great gift ideas for beginners and aficionados alike.

Beginner Picks for Emerald Cup 2018

Brand: WildLand / Mendocino Generations

Why?: Within the Flow Kana Market, you’ll find Harlequin Blue Goo, a Round Valley heritage sativa strain with a 2:1 THC:CBD ratio. Grown by WildLand in native soil using regenerative farming practices, this Harlequin cross is great for smokers who crave cannabidiol’s relaxing effects. Also look for the exclusive Purple Baseball Bat, which combines JahGoo and Platinum Cookies to produce a dark purple flower that smells and tastes like berry pound cake.

Where? Flow Kana Market #18

Brand: Mellows

Why?: Perfect for melting into hot cocoa, these delicious treats are

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