Thanksgiving Edibles: What’s the Best Dish to Fuse With Marijuana? | Westword

Dear Stoner: What’s the best food to spike with THC for my friendsgiving dinner? Everyone’s cool with it.

Dear Drake: The obvious choice would be desserts, as they’re filled with butter and sugar — both of which are important for infusion and flavor. THC fuses easily with fat, which is abundant in cooking oils and butter. And because cannabis’s earthy, skunky flavors aren’t always appreciated by tastebuds, cooks generally turn to sweets to cover them up. But while pies, cakes and cookies are all easy options, savory dishes work, too. Just think of all the butter and fats used to make mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, mac and cheese and candied yams. (Check out Cannabis Cheri for infused turkey day recipes.)

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