6 Keto Meal Delivery Services So You Can Meal-Plan Less and Eat More

Powered by a team of chefs and trained dietitians, this service works off a low-carb nutritional philosophy of its own design. But with a macronutrient distribution that provides high-quality fat (60-80 percent) and protein (20-35 percent) with low-glycemic carbs making up just 5-15 percent, rest assured there’s plenty of keto crossover. The menus are updated weekly and keto options are marked with a K symbol so devotees can easily and safely have their pick.

Packages range from four to 18 meals per week and include tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections like pumpkin pancakes, Italian roasted pork, bison burgers, and deluxe pizza casserole made with preservative-, antibiotic-, hormone-, soy-, gluten-, and GMO-free ingredients. Delivered fresh, never frozen, and ready to heat up or eat as is, this is real-deal quality food.

($60-198 per week; factor75.com)

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