Year, Year

Don’t you love the feel of a new notebook or diary? Of turning to the first page and starting afresh?

The early days of January are like that pristine page. Free of blots and unsightly cancellations. Crisp with the promise of new beginnings. A time to fill diaries, hang calendars, recall lessons learnt and make resolutions. And then hope that these intentions remain bright at least till Republic Day — maybe even all the way till Diwali.

This year, I think my resolutions will survive. The new, improved, practical me has adopted a new, improved, practical approach to life. In 2019, instead of my usual lofty goals — “exercise more”, “keep calm”, ta-da — I’m sticking to what can be counted, ticked off, achieved without a personality transplant. I’m sticking to resolutions involving food.

As soon as the New Year dawned, my mailbox filled up with missives from food sites. Some shuddered over

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