The weed middleman that expects to make billions as the Sunkist of pot

In the illegal drug business, there is a lot of money and safety in wholesaling — being a middleman instead of producing drugs or selling them on the street. As marijuana finds legitimacy, it may end up producing the same kind of system, judging by a California company that has emerged as a powerful distributor with revenue totals that rival some of the largest pot companies.

For many of the world’s biggest cannabis businesses, the only viable option to capture enough of Canada’s legal recreational market is to grow their own marijuana, an operation many say they would prefer not to undertake. But in California, where state lawmakers have allowed a slow process of moving an estimated 68,150 cannabis farmers into the legal market, a relatively new form of cannabis business has emerged: a middleman that does not grow pot itself, but rather distributes it.

Flow Kana, one

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