Oregon’s Novelty Edibles With a Touch of Whimsy

One of the beautiful things about cannabis legalization is the opportunity to make whimsical ideas a reality.

Oregon has been quick to turn its fantasies into commodities. Standards like flower and stony baked goods are represented in full force, and now the long-tail, whimsical, and niche products are coming online for consumers.

Built right into the word whimsy is “whim,” and Oregon’s edibles manufactures have been exploring their whims at a fast pace.

Below are a number of infused foods we never thought we’d see IRL—from Pop Rocks-styled exploding candies to luxurious cashew butters and couch-night classics like cheese crisps.

Junk Dynamites

(Matt Stangel/Leafly)

These stony Pop Rocks are lifted from childhood nostalgia.

Check these menus for it: