California Athletes’ Best Cannabis Topicals, Patches, and Edibles

We get it — smoking and athletics do not mix. So seek out a new, different delivery methods. Soak in a cannabis-infused bath, then rub healing topicals into your skin. Alternatively, stick on a transdermal THC patch before leaving the gym, and hit your vape pen after leaving class. Simultaneously using a few complimentary products offers multiple layers of relief, saturating your system with cannabinoids. If you’re still feeling sore later in the day, eat a cannabis capsule for relief that will extend into the evening, helping you get restful sleep.

By using cannabis as part of your self-care rituals, you can shorten recovery time and keep yourself feeling energetic and fit.

Hot Topicals


(Courtesy Apothecanna)
(Courtesy Apothecanna)

Use the “Extra Strength” suite of products to counteract post-workout soreness. Available in extra-strength versions of body creme, spray and oil, Apothecanna blends cannabis with

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