How American capitalism, CBD research and hydroponic pioneers are transforming India’s cannabis landscape – GQ India

“Wait!” Rumi tells me as he opens the door to his flat. “We’d better do this properly.”

He sets his joint down in an ashtray on the table and runs towards the interior of the unit. Shoes half removed, backpack in one hand, I stand in the doorway, unsure, until Rumi summons me in. We’re 13 storeys above a part of Mumbai that I didn’t know had buildings like this – where the brushed aluminium appliances match the colour of the suits worn by the English-speaking security guards below. Through the door to my right, I see a kitchen full of appliances that I own in my private fantasies. The wall to the left is decorated with a multi-coloured art installation made of flat panel LEDs. “Oh, those?” Rumi replies. “I picked them up in Hong Kong.”

In front of me is a plain white display case with wooden shelves. Soon, Rumi

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