HollyWeed North Manufacturing & Extracts Inc. (a Subsidiary of HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc.) Receives Cannabis Processing License and Launches Their First Manufacturing Line – Press Release

As licensed under Health Canada Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, HollyWeed Manufacturing and Extracts Inc. (HWNME) a subsidiary of HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc. Canada will be launching their first manufacturing line devoted to the production of CBD, THC and CBD/THC concentrated oil, bottled oil and bulk oil. HWNME was issued a Health Canada Dealer License (Security Level 8) in June 2018 which has now been transitioned to a Standard Processing License effective Dec 24, 2018 under the new Cannabis Act. HollyWeed’s operations and corporate strategy is led by executives with extensive experience in the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry and cannabis industry.

In making the announcement, Gagnon stated: “This license is the product of an entire teams life experience in pharma and QA. I’m proud to have the absolute best team in Cannabis”

About HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc.: HollyWeed North operates as licenser and publisher of their

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