Top Tips for Using Hash as a Culinary Ingredient

Here’s a bold prediction: in five to ten years, everyone will be using hash like a seasoning, sprinkling half-grams of full-melt into soups and stews, adding un-pressed cannabis trichomes to smoothies, sauces, and desserts … the sky’s the limit.

Put your culinary skills to the test—find elevating hash nearby.

Currently, using prized extracts to flavor food is seen as an extravagance, but future trends will bring hash within the reach of everyday epicureans—much like gourmet items such as truffles and saffron. The idea of using hash as an ingredient is gaining momentum, powered by an increasingly mainstream cannabis culinary movement and made possible by a regulated market.

The advantages to using hash as a culinary ingredient are great. Versus flower, hash is easier to accurately estimate THC content and serving size dosages, it also possesses a deeply earthy, complex flavor that’s superior to grassy, chlorophyll-packed flowers.

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