The Most Iconic Scenes with Pot Brownies in TV History

Coronation Street, “Sylvia Tries Weed Brownies” (Originally aired in 1993)

On the air in Britain since 1960, the world’s longest running television soap opera is closing in on 10,000 episodes.

In a 1993 episode arc, a senior citizen named Sylvia bought a few weed brownies to deal with her arthritis, and then started sharing them with fellow geriatrics. Over the course of time, she healed a lot of pain, made some new friends, and had a lot of a laugh.

Once caught, she proclaimed defiantly:

“I will not be vilified for attempting to relieve the suffering of my friends. I broke the law and I would do it again.”

We’ll light one up for Sylvia.

Mr. Show, “Life Is Precious And God And The Bible” (Season 4, Episode 1; Originally aired in 1998)

“Mr. Show with Bob and David” never reached a large audience during its original late-night run

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