Cannabis Businesses Owned by Women in California

Determined to reverse this trend, one of Oregon’s most prominent attorneys, Amy Margolis, has launched “The Initiative,” the world’s first female-centric cannabis business accelerator. Working to balance gender inequality, Margolis says, “The Initiative will help provide the tools, mentoring, training and access to funding that women need to ensure their success in the cannabis space.”

If you’d like to support the female leaders already thriving in the cannabis space, look for these products designed for women, by women. Especially dominating in the expanding market segments of edibles and topicals, these female-owned companies deliver added value by transforming flowers into edibles, vape carts, prerolls and luxurious body care products.

Look for these products at female-owned dispensaries like Magnolia Wellness and Phytologie, CBCB, Hi Fidelity and delivery services like Sava, all of which have robust menus designed to please every type of cannabis user.


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