Bon(g) Appétit: How to Infuse Weed into Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a magical time that encourages indulgence and gluttony. I’ve always loved the coming together of far-flung friends and family and the extolling of “American values” at the expense of the table’s comfort.

While this holiday is a source of comfort for most, there’s always been a schism to it that’s seemingly embedded into the day itself: on the one hand, a coterie of aunties and moms stuffing turkey, and on the other, cloistered away in a cubby somewhere in the back, wide-eyed cousins stuffing as much weed as they can into a joint.

But no longer shall these two camps be divided.

The future is now. Marijuana is coming to a Thanksgiving feast near you. (If you weren’t invited to a “Danksgiving” party, check this out.) And

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