Best Cannabis Candy of California—But Don’t Call It ‘Candy’

Rayne Drops

With hard candies in relatively short supply, Rayne Drops pastilles are a welcome addition to dispensary shelves in the Bay Area. Five milligrams of THC appear in each berry, orange or lemon-flavored drop, packaged in a stylish tin. Gluten-free and vegan, these hard candies discreetly delight, offering a level of sophistication better aligned with a new cannabis dabbler.

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Sensi Chew

(Elise McDonough for Leafly)

One of Cali’s most enduring edible creations, Sensi Chew is a chocolate caramel taffy available in specific mood-enhancing formulations intended to induce sleep, arousal or energy. Look for “CBD Gold” chews containing a balanced, equal amount of THC and CBD, or “CBD Platinum” with 100mg of just CBD.

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