Rocio Vargas’s cannabis catering company helps the medicine go down

In 2012 Rocio Vargas had a vigorous marijuana plant growing in her closet, and three more in her West Lawn backyard. Thanks to the advice of an arborist friend, she and her boyfriend were growing more weed than they could smoke.

At the time she was a recent culinary school graduate working as a line cook at Park Hyatt in Oak Brook, where she’d cooked for the likes of Will Smith, Betty White, and the Blackhawks. So she decided to put her skills to work on the surplus.

“There was a lot of trial and error and a lot of wasted weed,” she says. She experimented with the classic pot brownie at first, overcooking the cannabis in one batch, burning another when she’d fallen asleep and left it in the oven. But over the years, through online research and consultations with chefs

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