Recipe: Liven up Thanksgiving Leftovers with THC Gravy

Give leftover turkey a psychedelic second life by adding cannabis-infused mushroom gravy, and cruise through your holiday weekend feeling cozy and carefree. After family departs, take time to recover from any social stress by cooking up a batch of this gravy, gently infused with either a few tablespoons of cannabutter or olive oil — or both, if you’re interested in hibernating until Monday!

Full of savory umami flavor, the gravy is delicious on top of potatoes, stuffing, or even toast, with the herbal notes of sage and parsley melding nicely with a hint of cannabis flavor. Incredibly versatile, this recipe is easily adapted to suit vegetarians — simply substitute tempeh for turkey to create a satisfying meal.

A personal favorite, the THC gravy recipe originated with Peter Berley, well-known chef and author of the book Fresh Food Fast, and has become one of my go-to meals for celebrating the arrival of fall.

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