Odd Duck making a big impression – The Spokesman

Cory Johnson and Brad Frey faced a tough decision two years ago.

They had developed high-quality chocolate edibles that medical marijuana patients loved, but were unsure if they should produce them for the newer recreational market.

“We entered them in Dope Cup, and told ourselves that if we won, we would have to develop our business plan about how to push into 502,” said Johnson. “If we lose, we’d move back overseas and do other things.”

Johnson, a chef, was originally from the Northwest and had been cooking at restaurants in Dubai and Spain. Frey, an architect, had also been living in Dubai. Both shared a love of edibles.

Their Odd Duck products ended up winning the “Best CBD Edible” category in 2016, which provided motivation to produce them on a larger scale. This would include finding partners to help with distribution as well as provide extracted cannabis oil.

After shopping the idea around

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