It Isn’t Thanksgiving Without the (Cannabis-infused) Pumpkin Pie

CALIFORNIA–For grown-up gatherings and “Friendsgiving” holiday tables in recreationally legal states, cannabis-infused homemade edibles are an exciting new possibility. More economical than ordering up individual edibles at your local dispensary, cannabis chefs have developed recipes that can be used with infused ingredients to serve for a festive occasion.

This recipe, from California-based cannabis product manufacturer La Vida Verde uses their Lemon Pie Super Cookies (CBD 2:1 – Dosage: 5mg THC 10mg CBD per cookie. 100mg CBD 50mg THC per bag) in a luscious-sounding graham cracker crust for this magical pumpkin pie recipe. For bakers in other recreational states; check with your dispensary to see if they carry a crunchy, infused cookie. More advanced cannabis cooks might also substitute cannabis butter (for plain butter) in a graham cracker crust to get similarly buzz-worthy results.

Always consult a cannabis-based recipe or

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