For a Buck and Sometimes a Buzz, Brewers Are Putting Cannabis Into Cans

That may require transforming Americans’ attitudes toward marijuana. “Right now, there isn’t a socially acceptable way to consume cannabis with friends and family,” said Keith Villa, who retired this year from MillerCoors, where, as head brewmaster, he created the influential Blue Moon Belgian White.

He hopes to change that: In March, Mr. Villa announced the creation of Ceria Beverages, a company in Arvada, Colo., that will make nonalcoholic craft beers infused with small doses of THC. The first, a Belgian-style white ale called Grainwave, will go on sale in Colorado dispensaries in mid-December, with five milligrams of THC (a standard amount for edibles like gummies) per 10-ounce bottle.

“People should be able to drink our beers and experience the onset in about eight or nine minutes, which is similar to alcohol,” Mr. Villa said. The goal is enjoyment, not inebriation. “You can easily have

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