Evergreen Organix has entered a partnership for manufacturing and distribution with Honu of Washington to offer both lines of award-winning edibles and topicals in multiple states

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Evergreen Organix (EGO Brands) line of award-winning edibles are coming to Washington and Oregon to be manufactured and distributed by Honu of Washington. In return, EGO Brands will offer the Honu line of award-winning products in Nevada, Colorado, Montana, and California.

Jilian Nelson, Vice President of Operations for EGO Brands says the partnership is an excellent fit for the current EGO production team. “Since our chocolate team consists of several culinary trained chocolatiers, we will be able to craft Honu’s award winning chocolates ready for distribution very quickly.”

Both brands have an emphasis on quality, using only premium ingredients, high grade cannabis and experienced bakers, chocolatiers and confections makers, ensuring quality and consistency in each product.

When asked about the opportunity EGO brings to Washington, John Bohannon, President of Honu added, “We are known

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