Consumers have been finding bugs in bud purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store

Canada’s nationwide legalization of cannabis was supposed to drive out the unlicensed, unregulated retail market. But in Ontario, cannabis consumers are increasingly turning away from the province’s legal suppliers and returning, some of them quite happily, to their underground sellers. Why? Because the Ontario Cannabis Store, currently the only legal, licensed and regulated retailer in the province, keeps messing up. Since sales began in October, OCS has faced a massive customer privacy breach, misdirected orders and incorrectly labeled products, recalled products for mold and, most recently, sold buds with bugs in them. At least half a dozen cultivation lots have filled OCS orders with bud containing insects. Even more frustrating for consumers, the OCS is so far refusing to recall any pest-contaminated cannabis.

OCS Won’t Recall Cannabis Contaminated with Bugs

News of the bug-contaminated bud spread like wildfire on Reddit. Hundreds of Redditors posted pics

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