Cloudponics’ Automated GroBox Helps Cannabis Noobs Grow Some Bud

If the only thing preventing you from growing cannabis in the comfort of your own home is your utter lack of gardening skills, then — after I remind you to check your state and local laws before attempting to do so — I might suggest you turn to Cloudponics’ GroBox.

Grobox is a cloud-connected, automated indoor system which lets you grow your own cannabis (or, to cover any legal bases, tomatoes). The armoire-sized box combines hydroponics and a mobile app that promises to let even the brownest of thumbs grow six plants from seed to maturity in just three months, allowing you to harvest up to one pound of dry buds. (Look, I get I’m no Jeff Spicoli, but that seems like a lot.)

Costing $2,690 (though they are running

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