This Ancillary Pot Stock Could Be a Must-Own in 2019

For the past couple of years, the marijuana industry has been virtually unstoppable. Sure, it’s had a few hiccups in 2018, but investors who’ve had the wherewithal to stick with these companies for the past couple of years have been greatly rewarded.

The big question is, with marijuana now legalized throughout Canada: Can this cannabis rally continue in 2019?

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Recent operating results suggest a bumpy road ahead for weed stocks

The honest answer is that’s not a guarantee. With the industry well past its period of promises, Wall Street and investors’ attention has now turned to tangible results. In essence, operating results actually matter; and based on what we saw during the most recent round of quarterly reports, things weren’t all that pretty. With few exceptions, marijuana stocks lost money on an operating basis, when one-time costs, benefits, and fair-value adjustments are excluded.

For most pot

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