Pro Tips for Shopping the Fall Outdoor Cannabis Harvest

Trust Your Nose 100 Percent

The bulk of each annual outdoor cannabis crop usually gets cut down in October and then dried, cured and packaged up by Christmas.

A proper cure should yield super-aromatic, terpene-rich bud. When picking up a jar, it’s almost more about fragrances you don’t want to smell: wet grass, hay, fertilizer, basement musk. The more you smell, the more that a proper cure will jump out at you.

“My first advice is always follow your nose,” said Emerald Cup MC Ngaio Bealum, host of the Netflix series “Cooking on High” and longtime cannabis publisher. “Terpenes are the munchies.”

But there could be a problem: Depending on where you buy, smelling the flower before purchase may be prohibited. Bealum says he’s had problems with this in Washington and California.

“That makes me nutty — that makes me crazy—it just hurts my feelings,” Bealum said. “Just because it says ‘Blue Dream’

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