Happy Holidays to the Weed User in Your Life

The ladies of Om Edibles, when they aren’t winning Cannabis Cups and accolades across California, have been producing holiday hits for years. Founder Maya Elisabeth tells L.A. Weekly it’s about making the holidays not just fun but also less stressful.

“This year, when holiday stresses and pressures can start to build up, try using cannabis as an ally,” Elisabeth says. “CBD and THC in different amounts and ratios can provide a magnitude of healing benefits and desired effects perfect for every type of situation. Minus any regretful behavior or hangover.”

She also says that if your culinary skills aren’t up to par, it’s not a problem. “If you’re a terrible cook, cannabis is your best ally. Get your guests pleasantly medicated and watch them enjoy the best meal of their life.”

Here are some gift suggestions to help you achieve that mellow for yourself and your guests.

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