Canadian chef has high hopes for cannabis-infused fine dining

The legal sale of edible cannabis is still a year off but a Canadian travelling chef is discovering a definite appetite for it at his private parties and events.

Travis Petersen, the chef and owner at The Nomad Cook, a Vancouver company that hosts pop-up dinners, has started catering events serving cannabis-infused dishes.

“Cannabis and food do go together. Some people may not understand it, but don’t knock it till you try it,” he said at a dinner earlier this month where he served a five-course meal to Edmonton customers.

VIDEO: ‘Cannabis and food do go together’

As he circulated, he asked each client how potent they want their cannabis-infused food. One enthusiastic woman answered, “The higher the better.”

Depending on the diner’s preference, Petersen added cannabis-infused oil to menu items with a small eyedropper. As he later told CBC, “I love that the two oldest ladies in the building are both like, ‘As much as you can give

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