KushyPunch Brings Cannabis Know-How to CBD Gummies

This article is sponsored by KushyPunch, whose team turns quality, lab-tested ingredients into flavorful cannabinoid-infused gummies.

For years, KushyPunch has been providing medical cannabis patients with high potency edibles that deliver a dose of cannabinoids without a lot of filler. Recently, the company has expanded, offering a line of gummies and capsules from cannabis-derived CBD oil that can be enjoyed by users regardless of where they live.

We spoke with founder and CEO Ruben Cross about how the company is leveraging years of experience developing medicinal cannabis products to bring CBD gummies to a wider audience.

KushyPunch CBD gummies
KushyPunch CEO Ruben Cross gets some time in the lab. (Courtesy of KushyPunch)

Leafly: How did KushyPunch get started?

Ruben Cross: KushyPunch launched back in 2014, but I had been working in cannabis as a cultivator for some years before that. When

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