Cooking with cannabis: Bake, baste and blend your way to marijuana eats

It’s smoked, vaped, dabbed and absorbed through the skin. But the most popular way of consuming cannabis in Las Vegas this Thanksgiving may just be to cook, baste, bake, batter and grill with the plant.

Infusing marijuana into meals at home is one of the fastest-growing ways consumers are finding use for cannabis, according to a 2017 report from Headset Inc., a research firm studying legal marijuana trends in Washington and California. In those states, as many as 15-25 percent of cannabis users incorporated the plant into meals made at home—double the percentage of users to infuse meals in 2015.

That trend could hold true for Las Vegas if current sales numbers are any indication of the industry’s growth. While no detailed studies exist on home cooking with cannabis in our area, an increase of more than 75 percent in sales from late 2017 through the summer of 2018 means more local

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