Baked to Perfection: Chef Michael Magallanes Mixes Marijuana and Molecular Gastronomy

All photos courtesy of Chef Michael Magallanes

When it comes to cannabis infused edibles, we have been long conditioned to conjure images of brownies, cookies, space cakes, and other THC-packed sweets. But as legalization has spread, infused dining has enjoyed its own parallel growth. In San Francisco, Chef Michael Magallanes is at the forefront of that elevated culinary evolution.

Honing a love for cooking since he was a teenager, Magallanes pursued his culinary dreams to their furthest extent, traveling extensively through South America before settling in the City by the Bay. There, he trained behind the line for a decade straight, eventually becoming a chef at Michelin-starred restaurants Aziza and Mourad.

Known for his intense attention to detail, molecular gastronomical techniques, and creativity, Magallanes left the hustle and bustle of the fine dining restaurant scene to explore how food and cannabis can be mixed in innovative ways. 

In 2016, Magallanes launched ... read more at: