Edibles & Kids: 7 Safety Tips for Cautious, Cannabis-Consuming Caregivers

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have edibles–edibles are great! But if you plan to make or eat them in the home you share with children, these best practices will help you have your infused cake and eat it, too.

Lock ’em up

If you only follow one suggestion on this list, let it be this: store your edibles in a locked, child-proof container.

Lockable, cannabis-specific cases like those by Stashlogix are widely available online and in cannabis stores, and can store small batches of non-perishable edibles. For fridge or freezer-safe storage with more capacity, you’ll want to broaden your search. Google terms such as “fridge safe medicine lock box”, “fridge safe box locker” or “locked lunchbox” to generate a variety of options in a range of prices.

Choose Your Infusions

Unlike joints or dabs, sweets have fairly universal appeal for children, and whipping up a batch of

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