Driven by Science

Humans are curious creatures by nature. We’re hardwired to explore and discover. Curiosity is how we continue to learn about the world around us. It is what fueled us to space, the moon and Mars, and it is what is pushing Pruf Cultivar to become a “next-gen” cannabis company.

Based in Portland, Ore., Pruf operates as part cultivation business and part research and development (RD) lab. It benefits from being a subsidiary of GroundWorks Industries, a vertically integrated company with investments in production (Pruf Cultivar), retail (Serra, Electric Lettuce and Farma), distribution (GW Distribution), processing (GW Processing, GW Workshop) and services (GW Services).

Being part of the vertically integrated business guarantees shelf space for Pruf’s products in Oregon’s competitive market. More importantly, though, says Groundworks Industries COO Karlee Eichenberger, “it’s something that helps us provide the right amount of

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