Where to Find Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Ontario

Under the new regime, commercially-made edibles remain banned to allow the federal government opportunities for public consultations and to address the unique public health and safety risks associated with cannabis edibles and concentrates (for example, the risk of cannabis edibles accidentally being ingested by children).

According to Health Canada, edibles will be permitted by no later than one year following the coming into force of the [Cannabis] Act, which means that most Canadians will be relegated to home kitchens to DIY their own cannabutter and cooking oil until October 17 of 2019–as if Canadians actually have any cannabis to spare amidst widespread shortages and a nationwide postal strike.

Nevertheless, ready-made edibles are available in Ontario.

About 30 minutes from Cobourg, along a stretch of County Road 45 dubbed The Green Mile (or Mashkiki Trail), find

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