Cannabis cooking gains popularity with legalization

“Want high, add heat, want health, just eat.”
Rob Mahy used those words as he opened a cannabis cooking class for about a dozen students at Kathy Hopson’s Wolf River Farm north of Leith on Saturday afternoon. He used the words to explain to his audience that there are health benefits by consuming cannabis orally, versus smoking it, which leads to the high long associated with the drug.
“We are giving people a basic understanding of cannabis and how it reacts with the body in these very gentle scenarios,” Mahy said Saturday. “Everything is gentle, gentle, gentle. We can always give you more.”
Saturday’s class included about a dozen women. All had their own reasons for taking part. Among them were anxiety, stress relief, sleep deprivation, or chronic pain. While some were there looking for solutions for their own ailments, many also had loved ones that they

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